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Our Church family is so privileged to have you stop by. Here you will find may options to help you in your walk with Christ. You can leave a prayer request, view a sermon or find out what the Seventh-day Adventist Church teaches. Whatever you need, we would love to hear from you and how to best serve you.

Pastoring here in Alaska has been a wonderful adventure in Christ. When I think of all the places the Lord could have sent me, I'm ever grateful for the opportunity to serve here. Blessed with some of the most pristine beauty left on the planet, it reminds me of how truly gracious and majestic our God truly is. His wisdom exceeds ours and is evident as we live by his word, trusting our lives to Christ Jesus.  But we still understand that there is work to do and sin to defeat.

As we at Northside look around our community, we have come up with our three goals:
  1. Our first goal is our kids. We do not want the "ministries" of the enemy to snatch our kids from us, so we are committed to ministries that will help our young people grow in Christ and bond to one another.
  2. Our second goal is personal evangelism. We are committed to living our lives in such a way that we can share our love for Christ with someone else.
  3. And third, we are emphasizing stewardship. In the world we live in today, it is ever more critical that we prioritize our lives around Jesus.

I thank you for dropping by and please leave us a note how we can serve you in your quest to know the Savior. May God bless you and please come again.

Pastor Kevin Miller



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